Signs of a Failing Diesel Fuel Pump

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If your vehicle uses a diesel fuel pump, it’s important that you keep this part in good operating condition at all times. There are a variety of factors that can cause problems with your fuel pump, and depending on the symptoms that they pump is showing, it may or may not be easy to figure out exactly what the problem is and find a relevant solution.

Two of the most common causes of diesel fuel pump failure are consistently low gasoline and engine breakdowns. Your vehicle should never run out of gasoline—keeping appropriate fuel levels will make sure your vehicle functions as it should and prevents your fuel pump from having to deal with an unnecessary amount of strain. In addition, regular maintenance can ensure your engine will avoid breakdowns and other major issues.

Here are a few signs you might have a failing diesel fuel pump and need to call a mobile mechanic in Flagstaff, AZ:

  • Squeaks, squeals and other high-pitched sounds: If your vehicle starts squealing or making unusual, high-pitched noises, this could be a sign that your diesel fuel pump is going bad. Different pumps naturally make different sounds, but over time you should be able to adjust to these noises while you drive. If anything sounds out of the ordinary, it’s a good time to call a mechanic to check out the vehicle.
  • Difficulty accelerating: Are you having trouble getting your vehicle up to speed quickly enough? This could be a sign that your diesel fuel pump is having some troubles. The primary cause is the pump not giving the engine an adequate supply of fuel, which makes it difficult to accelerate.
  • Bad fuel pressure: A vehicle that is unable to maintain a good fuel pressure likely has a fuel pump that is not functioning correctly. When the vehicle is dealing with low pressure, the car could have problems starting, even when the rest of the parts of the vehicle are functioning exactly as they should.
  • Power issues: Does your vehicle ever lose power, or start to slow down? This probably is a sign that you need to replace your diesel fuel pump.
  • Filter issues: If the filter of your vehicle seems like it is malfunctioning in any way, this could indicate diesel fuel pump problems. While it’s important for you to change your filter regularly, you shouldn’t have to do so very frequently. Some people who have diesel fuel pump problems see those problems manifest themselves in the filter, and end up having to change the filter almost daily just to keep up.
  • Engine stoppages: The engine could bring itself to a halt if it’s not getting enough fuel fed to it. This means you need to replace your diesel fuel pump as soon as possible.

These are just a few of the signs that could indicate a diesel fuel pump problem, so for more information, be sure to reach out to a mobile mechanic in Flagstaff, AZ.

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