Gas vs. Diesel RVs: Which Is Right for You?

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If you’re considering purchasing an RV, you may be thinking about whether you should go with a gas-powered vehicle, or choose diesel. Although conventional wisdom is that diesel is the way to go with an RV, there are actually benefits and drawbacks to both options. It really depends on what you’re looking for.

When you need mobile RV service in Flagstaff, AZ, be sure to turn to Maclin Truck & Trailer. We’re a family owned and operated business that can help you with everything from mechanical failure to a dead battery. We can even help you choose the right kind of RV for you and your family’s needs. Here’s what you should be thinking about when you’re deciding on an RV:

  • Fuel economy: Diesel offers better fuel economy than gas, at 10 mpg compared to gasoline’s 8 mpg. It also offers a slightly larger tank at 90 gallons, compared to 80 gallons. Diesel is much faster to fill, as a gas tank can take eight minutes to fill up. However, diesel fuel is also more expensive per gallon than standard gasoline. Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is required on all newer models. This necessitates filling a separate tank with this pricy and sometimes hard-to-find liquid.
  • Power: Diesel has double the towing capacity, at 10,000 pounds. The engine also revs lower, putting less stress on the engine. Diesel also offers less strain when climbing hills and mountains.
  • Engine placement: Diesel has the engine at the back, whereas gas RVs place it in front. This is mainly a concern in terms of engine noise. Sometimes with a gas engine, it can be difficult to have a conversation or listen to music when the engine is working hard.
  • Chassis: A gas-powered engine feels more like driving a truck with a bouncier ride. Compare this to the diesel-powered engine, which feels more like driving a car and has a smoother ride.
  • Maintenance: Here’s where gas offers some clear advantages. The parts are cheaper and easier to come by, meaning that you’ll spend less. They also require less specialization to work on and allow for standard oil changes. Diesel engines use three times as much oil as gas engines, meaning you’ll spend time and money keeping your RV running.

Maclin Truck & Trailer is the company to trust when it comes to mobile RV service in Flagstaff, AZ. We handle it all in maintenance and roadside repair for commercial vehicles, tractor trailers, RVs and more. Whether you’re out of fuel or just need a jumpstart, we’re there, offering competitive pricing and timely service.

We’ve been a leader in the region for years because our loyal customers know we’ll get the job done right the first time, every time. We serve customers within 100 miles of Flagstaff, AZ, doing all kinds of repairs on commercial trucks and RVs, along with towing services. If you’re looking for help with an RV or pondering a purchase, get in touch with us—we’d love to provide the advice and service you need!

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