Tips for Staying Safe While Waiting for a Tow

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If you’ve ever been stranded on the side of the road because of a vehicle breakdown, flat tire or other mishap, you know that it can be scary to wait on commercial roadside assistance in Flagstaff, AZ. Not only that, but it can be frustrating and boring to waste time just waiting. Read these tips to implement next time you’re waiting for roadside assistance or a tow truck:

  • Move to the side: Most drivers know, especially when you are driving a large commercial vehicle, that you should safely drive your vehicle as far away from moving traffic as possible and onto the shoulder. This will give other drivers ample room to maneuver around you and the tow truck enough space to position the truck next to yours in order to tow it when it arrives.
  • Turn on hazard lights: If you didn’t already turn on your hazard lights when you first noticed you were having trouble and might need commercial roadside assistance in Flagstaff, AZ, turn on your hazard lights. When you’re sitting idle on the side of the road, it’s especially important for other drivers to see you and know that you’re stopped before they’re right upon you. Your hazard lights will alert drivers of other vehicles of your situation and make them aware ahead of time.
  • Set up triangle flares: Your truck should be equipped with a safety kit, including triangle flares. These are important to have in situations where you’re stranded on the side of the road. Place these reflective triangles or flares behind your truck. They should be placed 10 feet and 30 feet behind the truck. These provide extra alerts to oncoming traffic that you’re stopped up ahead.
  • Call for assistance: Now is the time to alert dispatch of your situation and contact a company for commercial roadside assistance in Flagstaff, AZ. Make sure you write down the name of the driver being dispatched to you and the license plate number of the tow truck that will be coming out. That way, you can verify the vehicle or driver who arrives and know they are legitimately there to help because you called. You should verify the information with them before exiting your vehicle.
  • Be aware: While you’re waiting on help to arrive, stay aware of your surroundings. Be wary of other drivers approaching you while you’re waiting for a tow truck. While some might be genuinely trying to help, there are others who may have more nefarious intentions who are trying to take advantage of your situation. Don’t take a ride from anyone you don’t know or accept help from a tow truck that is not the one that you called. If you don’t feel safe getting out of your vehicle, stay inside with the doors locked. If you’re getting out to set out flares, make sure to do so through the passenger side door, which is the furthest away from traffic.

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