Tips for Driving Uphill in Your Truck

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Driving in uneven terrain poses different challenges than, say, a long haul across the plains of Kansas. Uphill driving for trucks in Flagstaff, AZ requires careful techniques. Use the following tips on how to drive uphill in Flagstaff, AZ to keep your rig safely on the road.

Traction loss

If you are ascending on a steep grade and start to lose traction, maintain control by taking the following steps:

  • Walk, don’t push: Don’t overheat your engine. Walk the truck up the hill rather than push it. Watch the temperature gauge as you go, and turn the engine fan on to keep things cool.
  • All hands on deck: Use all the drive wheels for your climb. This is particularly important if the road is slippery.
  • Blaze a new trail: Don’t use the tracks of the vehicle in front of you on a slippery surface. Create your own tracks a little to the right of any existing ones. If possible, you can put one set of drives on the shoulder to try to grip the gravel for additional traction.
  • Slow and steady: Give your truck power gradually. Don’t lay on the fuel too heavily, or you might end up spinning your wheels.
  • Top it off: Another important tip for how to drive uphill in Flagstaff, AZ is to keep your truck’s engine at the top end of its RPM range. Remaining in the lower RPM range could make it challenging to regain traction if your wheels start to spin.


Don’t wait until you’re having trouble with uphill driving for trucks in Flagstaff, AZ to react. Watch weather reports and make careful consideration of your route before you hit the road. If the weather forecast indicates the hills will be slippery, take extra precautions. Watch for tire chain signs to let you know if you need to put chains on your tires, then do so before attempting the hill, not after.


Never tailgate when driving on a hill. Always keep plenty of space between yourself and other vehicles. Keep in mind that you may have difficulty climbing the hill, and other drivers could too. Allow enough room for potential sliding, sudden stopping or other mishaps.

The other side

If you will be driving uphill in your truck, that means you’ll probably be driving downhill, too. Use extreme caution when driving down a steep grade. Always note the grade percentage posted on roadway signs. Keep it slow and steady all the way down the hill. Do not let up too soon as you near the bottom, as your truck can pick up speed quickly and cause you to lose control.

Learn more

For more tips on uphill driving for trucks in Flagstaff, AZ, contact the experts at Maclin Truck & Trailer. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have to help keep you safe on the road. We are your go-to source for repair and maintenance for tractor trailers, commercial trucks and RVs. We can replace parts on site or tow your rig to our shop for repairs. Reach out to us today for more information or to schedule your next service.

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