Flat Tire? Here’s How Tire Repair Works

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A vehicle lockout is frustrating, and running out of gas happens, but a flat tire is the one inconvenience that can ruin your entire day. If you know how to change a flat, then all you have to do is jack up your car or truck, remove the flat tire and put on the spare. If you don’t know how to change a tire or the puncture damage is significant, though, you may have to call for roadside assistance. A professional can tell whether the tire can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

How does tire repair work? Can all types of tire damage be fixed? Let’s find out what mechanics in Flagstaff, AZ have to say.

Tire repair

There are three ways to approach tire repair: plugs, seals or a combination of the two:

  • Plugs: Plugs are used to repair holes in a tire’s tread from the outside. Although they don’t have to be an exact fit, the most effective plugs are usually the size and shape of the puncture and fitted by someone who knows what they are doing. This tire repair method should seal air leaks from the outside of the tire, but it’s not always effective at sealing the inner lining or inside of the tire. Using a plug is generally the preferred approach because it’s quick, easy and inexpensive.
  • Seals: Seals used to repair flat tires go on the inside of the tire, not the tread or outside. To do this, the tire needs to come off the vehicle. This is a time-consuming task best done by a professional in a shop with the right equipment, both for safety purposes and quality assurance. Additionally, seals are often more effective and longer lasting than plugs.
  • Combo: A plug and seal option is a combination of the two methods that offers the most durable and effective tire repair solution.

The results of tire repair

A damaged tire that’s been repaired will no longer have the same high-speed capability it was built to handle. This doesn’t mean the tire is unsafe to drive on—just be aware that you could run into issues at high speeds. Make sure repairs have been performed properly by a certified professional and the tire won’t leak or let in water for the remainder of its life. Ensure they take the tire off the wheel and inspect both the inside and outside, which is the best way to determine the overall condition of the flat tire.

When it’s better to get new tires

A tire with a common type of puncture can usually be repaired. On the other hand, tires that have damage on the outer rims or sides of the tread cannot be fixed. Most auto tire experts agree that any tire damage within 1/4 inch of the edge of the tread is irreparable, and flats with too-thin tread should be replaced with new tires.

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