When Is It Time to Look for New Tires?

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Whether in motion, stopped or parked, your truck’s tires are in constant contact with the ground. It’s for this reason that your tires need to be in good condition at all times. With this in mind, when are new tires needed, and what are the most common warning signs? Let’s get some answers from an experienced mobile mechanic in Flagstaff, AZ.

Worn-down tread

All types of tires are designed with treads that provide much-needed traction. If your truck’s tire tread gets worn down enough, the water, snow, mud and other non-solid substances you run over will have nowhere to go but directly under the tires. This takes away much of the tire’s ability to maintain contact with the road. Braking becomes less effective, and you could end up sliding or spinning off the road.

Uneven wear patterns

There’s a wide variety of reasons why the tires on your truck may be wearing unevenly or prematurely, including misalignment, over-inflated tired or under-inflated tires. But, pin-pointing the exact cause is difficult when you don’t know what to look for. For instance, the most common uneven wear patterns are center wear and shoulder wear, both of which are caused by under-inflation and over-inflation. Avoiding uneven or premature wear is as easy as keeping your tires properly inflated and regularly rotated.

Bulges on the surface

Bulges or blisters protruding from a tire’s surface is a sign that the outer surface of the tire is weakening. Weak spots can cause a tire to blow out suddenly. This is not good for your truck or your safety, or for the safety of other motorists on the road around you. The remnants of a shredded semi truck tire can be a serious hazard on a fast-moving highway, as they can either fly into or be hit by other vehicles.

Cracks on the sidewall

Tire damage can also present on the sidewall of tires. This type of damage is characterized by tracks or cuts in the sidewall, as well as obvious grooves. If your tire has a sidewall crack, it’s telling you that the tire might be developing a leak. At this point, replacing it with a new tire may be the safest option.

Excessive vibration

Experiencing some vibration when driving is normal and sometimes inevitable, especially on bumpy or pothole-filled roads. But you know your truck best—you know how much vibration feels right and when the steering wheel feels off. One cause of excessive vibration or shakiness that only gets worse with speed is an out-of-balance wheel. The vibration or shaking is usually noticeable around the 40 to 50 mph mark and becomes more intense the faster you go. Although this issue is an indication of misaligned or unbalanced tires, the problem could be inside the tire itself.

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