Breaking Down in a Dead Zone: How to Get Help

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Even in the 21st century, there are areas in the U.S. with no cell service. Many of these places also have low traffic, so it could take up to a day before you find help. If you break down with no cell service, do not panic—you can still find help. Here are five tips on what to do if you find yourself in this situation:

  • Stock up: People did not always have cell phones. However, they survived breakdowns by being prepared and resourceful. Before you take your road trip, stock up on food and water and have bedding and warm clothes available in case you need to spend a night on the roadside. Exposure, dehydration and feeling hungry will affect your judgment and ability to handle the situation, so make sure your basic needs are met.
  • Pull off the road: There is something worse than no cell service after breaking down near Flagstaff, AZ—it’s an accident in an area where there is no cell service. If you break down, it is important to pull off the road as much as possible, especially if you are on a dark country road. Once you are on the shoulder, turn your tires so they face away from traffic and activate your emergency brake. Then turn on your flashers.
  • Stay in your vehicle: Leaving your vehicle will just turn you into another target. Even if your car or truck is hit, you are much safer in your vehicle than outside of it. Only leave to set up flares or pop your hood if it is safe for you to do so. If you must leave the vehicle, check for traffic first. It is also a good idea to decline help from strangers, as accepting help may be unsafe. However, if they are willing to drive somewhere and bring help back to you, that is likely an effective bet.
  • Call 911: By law, all calls to 911 must be put through by the nearest available service. So, even if your phone indicates there is no service, you may be able to get through to 911. Also, some highways in remote spots have roadside telephones you can use to call for repair or tow services. However, do not go looking for one—only use the phone if you can see it from your breakdown spot.
  • Do not walk and search for help: This goes along with staying in your vehicle, but also keeps you safe. If you do not know where you are, do not seek a populated location, as one may not exist near you. However, if you drove by a gas station a mile back or saw a sign for services being available just ahead of you, walk to those locations. Never walk in search of a place unless you know where it is.

Maclin Truck & Trailer wants you to stay safe if you break down with no cell service near Flagstaff, AZ. The best way to avoid this situation is to invest in preventative maintenance from a skilled RV repair specialist. We can help—call us today for an appointment!

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