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As state parks start to open, travel trailer inspections in Flagstaff, AZ will make a difference in your safety. Many businesses are running on limited hours, and a breakdown can lead to you having to perform travel trailer repair on the road. The best way to prevent this scenario is to give it a thorough inspection now. Here are six areas to check before you go out on the road:

  • Exterior: We are all washing our hands more these days, but your trailer exterior also needs to be cleaned. Ideally, you would wash your trailer after every trip, especially if you camped near the ocean. Do not power wash or use high pressure hoses. Soft brushes and mild detergent are all that is needed. If you use an aluminum trailer, know that it will attract and retain dirt more easily and require more frequent cleaning with specialized detergents.
  • Roof: Many trailer enthusiasts forget to check their roof and then experience leaks when they are camping during a rainstorm. The point of a travel trailer is to provide protection from the elements, so you need to quit neglecting the roof. Check for cracks or tears, and keep it clean as well. The best time to inspect the roof is when you have finished a trip and are removing the road dirt.
  • Awnings: Creating that temporary front porch is excellent for outdoor grilling or sun protection during the hottest times of the day. However, awnings are also vulnerable to weather and can be damaged easily if they were not folded in right the last time they were used. Before you store them, make sure they are completely dry, or you risk mildew. Also wipe off any sticks or leaves. This will keep them in good condition for the next time you camp.
  • Tires: Blowouts are never fun, and they become less so with a travel trailer. Your tires are the hardest working part, so take care of them. Check tire pressure before you travel and when you stop for fuel. Watch the tread and replace tires when it becomes low. If you notice handling issues or haul heavier loads than usual, check them more frequently or consider upgrading your tire type to meet your current demands.
  • Holding tanks: Travel trailers usually have three primary holding tanks: fresh water, gray water and black water. Having anything go wrong with these tanks is the equivalent of a septic system failure and risks health hazards. Run purifiers through the fresh water tank and make sure your drinking and cooking water is not full of bacteria. Gray and black water tanks should be emptied frequently and sanitized after winter storage.
  • Brake and tail lights: If your lights do not function, you risk a ticket at least and an accident at worst. Never go on the road without checking your lights. You will want to check the brake, signal and license plate lights before you leave. If you find damage to the light wires, wrap them in electrical tape and see a repair specialist.

Maclin Truck & Trailer offers travel trailer repair in Flagstaff, AZ and can be there for roadside assistance if you find you’re facing a jam. Keep our contact information handy the next time you drive through Arizona in case you face battery problems, tire blowouts or component failures as you travel.

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