How Does a Diesel Mechanic Differ from a Conventional Mechanic?

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If you have a diesel-powered vehicle, you’ll need to make sure you work with a mechanic who has experience in working with those kinds of vehicles. There are some differences in the kinds of maintenance and repair work required in diesel vehicles as opposed to standard vehicles, so having someone with that expertise is necessary if you are to properly maintain your vehicle.

Here’s an overview of what you should know before hiring a diesel mechanic in Flagstaff, AZ.

The work of a diesel mechanic

What is a diesel mechanic? Diesel mechanics are, as you would imagine, professionals who specialize in maintaining and repairing diesel engines. These types of engines use diesel fuel rather than standard gasoline, and are frequently found in larger vehicles and heavy machinery. For example, buses and semis are among the vehicles you’d think of first when you think of diesel vehicles, though there are also pickup trucks and other types of commercial vehicles that are powered by diesel. Industries that heavily rely on diesel engines include agriculture, construction and manufacturing.

The different type of engine in a diesel vehicle versus a standard gasoline-powered vehicle requires different approaches for maintenance and repair. Diesel engines, like gas engines, operate with internal combustion. However, there are some differences. A diesel engine does not have any spark plugs, and will use direct injection for fuel intake. As such, the fuel injectors in diesel engines are highly complicated, and not every mechanic will necessarily have the training and knowledge needed to work with them.

Diesel mechanics will also tackle jobs beyond just working on vehicles. They’re often employed in working on industrial equipment, where they can apply their knowledge of diesel mechanics to the heavy machinery used in those settings.

Because diesel mechanics have more specialized skills and services, it can be slightly harder to find one to work on your vehicle if you have a diesel-powered car or truck. You can’t just roll up to any repair shop and expect that the mechanics there will be able to work on your vehicle.

Therefore, you should make sure you do a bit of research in advance of going to any auto shop. Check online at the shop’s website for the credentials of the mechanics, and see if diesel maintenance and repair is a service they offer. You can also call ahead to check and see if the shop offers the services of any diesel mechanics. You’re certain to find a diesel mechanic in your area, but it might not be as simple as driving to the first mechanic’s shop you see and asking them to take a look at your vehicle.

Interested in learning more about the primary differences between diesel and standard gasoline engines in vehicles and how their maintenance and repair needs differ? We encourage you to contact our team of trusted diesel mechanics in Flagstaff, AZ at Maclin Truck & Trailer. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the various diesel services we offer. We look forward to working on your vehicle!

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