Common Rules for Sharing the Road with Truckers

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Whether you’re cruising around town running errands or embarking on a road trip, you’re going to cross paths with a few semi trucks along the way. These commercial vehicles haul numerous tons of cargo in their gigantic trailers. Due to their size and handling capabilities, there are some truckers’ rules in Flagstaff, AZ you should be aware of as a conscientious driver sharing the road with these machines.

Safely sharing the road

As you head down the highway, it’s important to respect the other drivers. This is especially true for truckers, who are responsible for safely driving their massive rigs between their destinations. Following the common rules for truckers in Flagstaff, AZ and the surrounding areas provides these commercial drivers with the extra space they need to cautiously complete their job:

  • Avoid the “no zones”: With a standard vehicle, there are minimal blind spots to manage when you’re behind the wheel. That’s not the case with a large truck. A semi truck hauling a large trailer has blind spots in the front, back and on both sides. If a truck driver can’t see your vehicle because your hovering in one of the “no zones,” an accident may be imminent.
  • Pass with care: One of the common truckers’ rules in Flagstaff, AZ is that if you can’t see a truck driver in your rearview mirror, it’s too soon to move back in front of them after passing. Getting rear-ended by another car, SUV or smaller truck may cause severe damage to you and your vehicle. Imagine what would happen if a semi truck hauling a 40-foot trailer crashed into your car’s back end because you didn’t provide enough space when you passed.
  • Remain patient: Consider how much time you need to reverse out of a parking spot. Now imagine doing the same thing with a 20-foot trailer attached to your vehicle. The process requires a little more finesse and time. Remain patient with truck drivers as they maneuver their vehicles. They’re doing their best to quickly move their vehicles without damaging their cab, trailer or any other vehicles.
  • Provide plenty of space: Since the rear of a truck falls into the “no zone” category, make sure to put at least one car length’s distance between you and the trailer’s end. Following a truck too closely could result in a collision that puts your vehicle underneath the trailer, and trust us, you don’t want to find yourself in this position.
  • Dim your lights: Dim those brights as you approach a semi. If you’re a block-length away from a truck, either from behind or in front, turn off your bright headlights. The large mirrors on trucks reflect these lights into the driver’s eyes, causing two seconds or more of temporary blindness. Anything can happen during those precious moments.
  • Use your indicator signals: Truck drivers are experts at hauling cargo from point to point, but you can’t also expect them to read your mind. Use your signals to let them know when you’re switching lanes or turning to navigate around your car safely.

Knowing the common rules for truckers in Flagstaff, AZ goes a long way towards preventing costly accidents. If your truck requires service in the middle of a journey, contact us today for mobile repairs.

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