Signs and Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump in Your Truck

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Your fuel pump is responsible for siphoning fuel from the storage tank and delivering it to your engine, in conjunction with a host of other parts. It’s hard to tell when your fuel pump is going out unless you know the signs of a bad fuel pump in Flagstaff, AZ.

As your vehicle’s owner or primary driver, you probably know what it’s like when everything is in good working order. That baseline is helpful for being able to tell when something is going wrong. Listening for noises, vibrations and other unusual occurrences can help you spot a problem before the damage worsens. Even if you can’t diagnose exactly which part it is, the more you look and listen, the more likely you’ll know when something is wrong.

Here’s how to tell when your fuel pump is about to go out:

  • Rising temperatures: When your engine isn’t getting enough gas, it will become stressed. The engine has to work overtime without enough fuel, which in turn causes the engine temperature to rise. Watch your engine temperature and look for any unusual spikes.
  • Sputtering at high speed: Your engine may sputter when you’re driving at high speeds. The next time you’re heading down the freeway, pay attention to whether the engine sputters. This occurs when the fuel pump can’t keep up enough pressure to power the engine.
  • Loss of power under stress: When your vehicle is fully loaded with cargo, you might notice a sudden loss of power. The engine needs more fuel, but the fuel pump is unable to provide an adequate amount.
  • Reduced gas mileage: Your fuel pump includes a relief valve, which controls the amount of fuel sent to the engine. If the relief valve fails, more fuel than you actually need will be supplied, which causes your gas mileage to decrease. Obviously, reduced gas mileage can be caused by a number of different situations, so watch for any other signs. They may confirm that you have a fuel pump issue.
  • Surging: Does your vehicle suddenly accelerate with no warning? You didn’t develop a lead foot overnight—it’s probably due to issues with your fuel pump. The fuel pump’s motor may be trying to resist the constant demand for fuel.
  • Your engine won’t start: Finally, the most obvious bad fuel pump sign is when your engine simply won’t start, because it’s not getting any gas. Your engine can crank and rev up, but without fuel, it won’t power your vehicle. This could be due to a blown fuse or improper pressure in the fuel pipes.

Fuel pump issues are serious, so if you notice these symptoms, make sure you call a mechanic right away. When you’re driving a semi truck, you simply can’t afford to lose power or experience surging. It’s a danger to you, your cargo and all the other drivers on the road.

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