Tips to Winterize Your RV

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There’s nothing like taking your RV out for an adventure on the open road—that is, when the weather isn’t crummy. During the winter months, it can be a lot less fun to go camping, RV-ing or adventuring, even for a weekend, so many RV owners keep their rig in storage in the winter. This is also a good time for winter RV repair in Flagstaff, AZ.

While there are good options for RV repair, here are some things you can do to keep your RV in top shape as long as possible. Here are a few tips to winterize your RV and keep it ready for spring and summer adventures.


There’s an unseen part of your RV that needs extra attention during the winter: the plumbing system. Just like the pipes in your home, the pipes in your RV can freeze if not properly cared for, and water left inside could freeze and crack hoses and pipes. Probably the most important thing you can do to protect your RV in winter is to purge the plumbing system. Here are some tips on how to do it yourself:

  • Blow out the lines with compressed air: This will ensure you have every drop of water out of the system. Be sure to disconnect your RV from its external water source and turn off all power and propane.
  • Open all your RV faucets and system drain valves: After opening faucets and valves, connect the blowout plug to the city water inlet on your RV, and use the air compressor to blow the water out of the system.
  • Leave the drain plug open: If you plan to store your RV, this will help protect against freezes and sudden cold snaps.
  • Winterize your holding tanks: Add antifreeze to the black water and gray water tanks to help prevent cracking in the pipes, which can result in a leak down the road. Be sure to use RV-specific antifreeze (it’s always pink).

Ground control

In addition to plumbing, you will want to make sure to keep your tires protected from winter conditions, as well. You don’t want to come back to your RV in the spring only to discover flat spots or tire rot.

  • Park on a concrete slab or other paved surface: This will prevent your RV from sinking into the ground when it begins to soften during the spring thaw.
  • Use the jacks to level and balance your RV in storage: Remember to slide some wooden blocks under the jacks so they don’t stick to the ground when temperatures drop below freezing.

Maintenance schedule

The best way to keep your RV in top shape year-round is to stick to a regular RV maintenance and repair schedule in Flagstaff, AZ. To start out, refer to your owner’s manual for the basics. You’ll get to know the particular quirks of your RV as time goes on, and then you’ll know its tender spots and know exactly what to look for when trouble arises.

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