What to Expect from Diesel Engine Services

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Bringing your semi truck in for diesel engine services in Flagstaff, AZ is a necessary part of being a truck driver. However, we’ve found that many drivers don’t understand the full importance of the service or what happens when a mechanic starts working on their truck. We’re here to set that straight! Continue reading to learn what you need to know about diesel engine service.

Why do I need diesel engine service?

Before we get too deep into the specifics, it’s important to understand why having your truck serviced is so important. These are a few top reasons to bring your vehicle in on a regular basis:

  • Engine longevity: A diesel engine goes through a lot throughout its lifetime. In addition to being careful while driving, you can extend its lifespan for years by bringing your truck in for routine checkups.
  • Fewer breakdowns: Engine failure happens all the time, which is why we offer mobile semi truck repair in Flagstaff, AZ. The best way to avoid paying for expensive repairs is with some preventative maintenance from a trained mechanic at Emergency Response – Truck, Trailer & RV Repair.
  • Safety: Catastrophic engine failure can result in an accident, which poses a safety hazard to every driver on the road. Ensure your safety by coming in for a tune-up every couple of months.

What happens during routine service?

Diesel engine services in Flagstaff, AZ involve a number of components. Here’s what we’ll do with your truck when it’s in our shop:

  • Oil change: Experienced drivers know that the oil is the lifeblood of a truck’s engine. They also know the oil gets dirty over time and must be replaced to ensure an engine runs at peak performance. When you come to our professionals for a tune-up, you can rest easy knowing we’ll replace your engine oil with the right type.
  • Filter replacement: The fuel and air filters ensure the combustion chamber is free from debris that could impact the combustion process and the engine’s overall performance. Just like your oil, these filters get dirty fairly quickly. We’ll replace or clean all filters during diesel engine service.
  • Fuel bleeding: Air can get trapped inside the fuel system if an inexperienced mechanic replaces the fuel filters. Any air inside the fuel system hinders the engine’s performance and can lead to a breakdown. Be sure to bring your truck to a reputable mechanic who will prime the engine to ensure there’s no air trapped inside.
  • Engine cleaning: A dirty engine bay robs your engine’s performance and can make it difficult for a mechanic to identify problems under the hood. During your routine checkup, your mechanic will clean out the engine bay to ensure it’s in like-new condition.

Come see our team today

Whether you need a routine engine checkup or mobile semi truck repair in Flagstaff, AZ, be sure to call Emergency Response – Truck, Trailer & RV Repair. Backed by years of industry experience, our team is capable of handling all of your truck’s needs.

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