Four Different Types of Tow Trucks and What They Are Used For

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While you’d probably prefer to never require a tow for your vehicles, the fact is that you’ll probably need one at some point. When you do, it’s helpful to know which kind of tow truck is likely to be used in each specific situation. After all, getting a tow is the first step to getting your vehicle back out on the road, and knowing the tow company you’re calling is equipped to tow your specific type of vehicle helps make the whole process run that much more smoothly.

Let’s take a closer look at how different types of trucks are used for heavy truck towing service.

Integrated tow truck

These trucks are used in heavy-duty situations, as they’re considerably more specialized than other tow tricks. They’re used specifically for rigs and buses. These trucks have additional axles to provide a boost in stability and strength. The tow truck’s arm is also more embedded in the truck’s core.

Hook and chain tow trucks

These are specifically used for towing all manner of cargo. They were used widely in the past but not so much anymore. The reason is that wrapping the vehicle in a chain is liable to cause more damage or scratch the vehicle. Hook and chain tow trucks can also not be used for all-wheel and four-by-four vehicles, as they may cause damage to the drivetrain. These days, these tow trucks are mostly used for junk automobiles.

Flatbed tow trucks

These are the most common form of tow trucks and include a long, empty bed as well as a flat top. Hydraulics are utilized to move the flatbed up and down. You can simply drive the vehicle up the ramp or have the vehicle pulled up the ramp. Flatbed tow trucks are often used when vehicles have a problem on the roadside or have been in a crash. They are also considered a very safe way to transport vehicles.

Wheel-lift tow truck

These include a mechanism that’s similar to a hook and chain truck. They use a metal yoke rather than a chain, which is less likely to damage the towed vehicle. This metal yoke is hooked beneath the front or rear wheels; then a pneumatic hoist or hydraulic lift is used to lift the vehicle off the ground. These aren’t quite as safe as flatbed trucks, but they do offer the advantage of being somewhat cheaper.

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