What Should I Do Before My First RV Trip?

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Driving an RV offers limitless freedom and an escape from normalcy by being able to reach any destination you imagine. If you are a parent, you know the challenges associated with teaching your youngsters how to ride a bike — driving an RV requires learning new skills, which means you’ll need to practice patience, responsibility, and put safety first. For new RV owners, it can be intimidating to find yourself in a new situation, like trying to squeeze an RV into a tight gas station parking lot or how to empty the toilet water tank without spilling it everywhere. It is normal to be nervous before embarking on your first trip — no matter how short or long — and we are here to help with the following tips and suggestions to ensure a maintence free RV trip.

Things To Do Before Your First RV Trip

1. Camp Nearby: While it may be tempting to hit the open road and go cross country, you’ll want to stick close to home on your first couple trips so that you can gain the confidence needed to drive and operate your new RV. Plus, staying close to home means that you’ll be able to run home quickly for any items that you forget — and you will forget items on your first few trips — so that you don’t have to buy new or drive to an unfamiliar store.

2. Plan Carefully: Before starting on your adventure, you’ll want to plan a route that provides safe access for your RV. As a pro tip, you’ll want to ensure that you have an RV-specific GPS that is mapped to identify locations with the right room for your RV to pass through without an accident. 

3. Learn Your RV: Before you even leave your driveway or storage facility, you’ll want to spend time sitting in the driver’s seat and running through the owner’s manual to check every control, button, and function on your RV so that you know exactly where the turn signals, emergency lights, windshield wipers, and more are before you head out.

4. Avoid Bad Weather and Night Driving: While it isn’t always possible, you’ll want to avoid driving in inclement weather if at all possible and find a safe place to pull over if you do encounter pouring rain, snow, or other hazards. Additionally, driving at night is stressful, and if it must be done, be sure to take plenty of breaks and travel with a qualified companion that can share driving responsibilities. 

5. Ask For Help: The RV culture is strong, and many fellow campers you encounter on the road are more than willing to help with any questions you have. 

If all else fails and you find yourself stranded in the Williams, AZ area, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly and professional team at Emergency Response LLC for any roadside repair or maintenance need that you encounter on your RV adventures.


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