Don’t Forget These Items on Your Next RV Adventure!

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If you’ve secured an awesome RV to travel your area or the whole world in, you likely already have a whole list of ideas about places to go, meals to cook, and views to seek. It’s an exciting time for a new RV owner. If anything goes wrong on the road, Emergency Response LLC provides fast and professional Mobile RV Repair in Williams, AZ, and surrounding areas to get you back to your travels in record time. 

Five Things to Pack for the Best Time in Your RV

  • Portable Battery Jump Starter – This item can feel like a lifesaver if your towing vehicle or RV battery dies at the site. It’s an item you don’t think much about until you need it — then it feels like a lifesaver when your once-dead battery starts right up without the aid of another person’s vehicle. For ultimate convenience, look for one that also has ports for phone chargers. 
  • Outdoor Lights – Provide both atmosphere and safety with string outdoor lights to enlarge the comfortable space after dark and to highlight your comfort zone. There are many options and brightness levels to choose from to fit your needs. 
  • Two Types of Footwear – You will need at least two types of footwear. Some sort of slide to easily put on and wear around the campsite and to the pool, and quality hikers to support and protect you during adventures. Don’t skimp on the quality of your hikers. 
  • Natural Bug Repellant – You may discover new and exciting places with your RV. When you get off the beaten path on hikes (and often even in your own campsite), you’ll quickly discover that bugs want to be part of the fun, and you are on the menu. There are many natural bug repellant products to choose from that will keep you safe from critters, ranging from invisible sand fleas at the beach, ticks in the deep woods, and mosquitos everywhere on the continent. 
  • Outdoor Chairs and Furniture – In an RV, you have your comfort and home right in the spot you want to be. This makes it easy to overlook bringing additional comfort items. No matter how chill the inside of your RV is, you’ll likely want to enjoy the lakeside views and beach sunsets from your ever-changing "yard." You have endless affordable options for foldable portable chairs, hammocks, and even tables to place around your RV. 

If you’re ready to hit the road in an RV, consider these items and remember that there’s no wrong way to enjoy an RV vacation or lifestyle. Relax. Find what works for you and your situation, and as time goes by, you’ll discover smooth sailing with a routine that fits you like a glove. 

If you ever find yourself stranded on the side of the road in your RV, call us at Emergency Response LLC for fast roadside assistance and on-the-spot repairs in many cases. We help you get back on the road in your RV quickly after a malfunction. Call us at (928) 522-4916.



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