Where Are the Best Roadside Rest Areas Out West?

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Are you planning on going on a long road trip? Whether it’s a trip within the same state or multiple ones across the country, knowing where the safety rest area sites are will be very important for the comfort of your journey.  

Otherwise known as rest stops, these areas provide temporary shelter to weary travelers. You can stop here for a little while to take a break from all the driving you’ve been doing. You can also refill gas and other supplies, including food and drinks. 

You and your passengers would also do well to take this opportunity of getting out of the vehicle to walk around and do some stretching. Being cramped inside a vehicle, no matter how much legroom there may be, can still do a number on your circulation and overall posture. Moving around for a change can help mitigate the body soreness that’s sure to come on later. 

Here are some of the best roadside rest areas in the west that you should look out for. 

Roadside Rest Area State Highway 82 

This roadside stop is surprisingly a good spot for bird watchers. Located just four miles outside of Patagonia, AZ, it’s been known to draw out the rose-throated becard, which is known to be quite rare. Even the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory recommends this rest stop for bird watching. It’s definitely something to look forward to, especially since you’re only passing through anyway. 

Bear Lake Rest Area 

Feeling cramped inside your vehicle after hours of driving down long roads? Give yourself a break by relaxing with stunning views of Bear Lake in Utah. It’s refreshing to behold, as Mother Nature puts on a grand show of beauty, with its crystal clear waters and towering mountains surrounding it. If you’ve got enough time, you can even go on a quick hike through the short trail along the rest area.

Randolph C. Collier Rest Area

Finding the perfect rest area is very important, especially for RV travelers. If you are looking for a relaxing and comfortable stop, then you should definitely check out the Randolph C. Collier area. 

This is among the best roadside rest areas for RVs, thanks to the specially allocated for RVs. By giving RVs their own spot, you can avoid feeling rushed by the typical flurry of activities at the rest stop. You and your RV can take some much-needed rest for as long as you need before hitting the road once more.

It also helps that the rest area is within a grove of trees, giving a good, refreshing view of nature. At the same time, it’s still close enough to the highway for easy access. 

These are but some of the best roadside rest areas in the west. Keep your eyes peeled for more, and have safe travels!


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