What Is New In Refrigeration Trailer Technology?

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Refrigerated transport services are used every day. People from all walks of life and everywhere in the U.S. rely on temperature-controlled transport services for everything from the transportation of food to medicine. Our reliance on effective and reliable trailer refrigeration system options also extends well beyond the quality of our food.

The Need for Temperature-Controlled Transport

Any trailer refrigeration system, on any given load, could face a number of requirements according to the specifications of the freight. Frozen foods, for example, have set temperature range limits to ensure both the quality and safety of the payload. 

Many medical transport services utilize temperature-controlled transportation systems for various medicines. From healthcare needs to having safe and quality food to eat, refrigerated transportation systems and services play a vital role in the quality of our daily lives.

The Demand for Better Refrigeration Systems

While nobody can dispute the benefits and even the necessity of effective and reliable temperature-controlled transport today, the demand for cleaner, safer, and better systems has not gone unheard. With the advancement in refrigeration systems, we can now move refrigerated loads in more environmentally-friendly and economical ways.

Recent Trailer Refrigeration System Advancements

Some of those advancements, as reports have shared, are led by industry leader Thermo King® and their AxlePower technology. That technology and refrigerated transport system are described as an "innovative refrigerated trailer system," that "combines fully electric refrigeration unit and highly efficient battery storage to transport food and medicine reliably and sustainably."

In addition to showing the ability to reduce operating costs of refrigerated transport, this technology enables better options for inner-city deliveries. That is most evident in areas that enforce and closely monitor ultra-low emissions zones. What is new in refrigeration trailer technology? The answer is, changes that are better for the environment, better for people, and better for the trucking industry, 

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