Is There A Future In Electric Semi Trucks?

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With the rise in electric vehicles and the push for the automotive industry to grow more sustainably, you might be wondering if a new market for electric trucks and electric semi-truck models might be in order. While there are not any of these models rolling out at this time, sustainable trucks are on the horizon. If you would like to learn more about the possibility of these kinds of trucks, read on for more information.

What makes a semi-truck electric?

The main difference between an electric semi-truck and a diesel rig is the power source. Electric semi-trucks get their power from lithium-ion-cobalt batteries. They can also get their power from ion phosphate batteries. The main perk of these trucks over diesel rigs is their overall cost for maintenance for the lifetime of the truck and the lower level of sound they produce. This means these trucks are sustainable both financially, on a power-source level, and on a noise pollution level. 

Are electric semi-trucks available at this time?

As of the writing of this article, electric trucks do exist to a limited degree on the market. For example, there are certain large carriers that have purchased these kinds of trucks and put them out on the road to transport their supplies. Still, these kinds of trucks are not what we would call mainstream or widely used at this stage.

There are still some improvements that need to be made to their affordability for companies, large, small, and in-between, to be able to reasonably adopt them and add them to their fleets. For now, these trucks are technically available but they are not widely accessible or affordable for the average small trucking company.

What’s the driving force behind electric semi-truck development?

The main reason why electric semi-trucks are being developed is that they are more sustainable than diesel rigs. Between concerns over how pollution affects the environment and the unsustainable power source of diesel rigs (fossil fuels), many folks in the trucking industry and environmental advocacy sectors are pushing for an alternative to traditional diesel rigs. Electric semi-trucks might not be a perfect solution, but any option beyond what we currently have is better, especially if it is more sustainable. 

Additionally, manufacturers want to hop on this new trend and be the first to introduce new electric semi-truck models so they can capitalize not only on the sustainability of it but the financial gain that it has. New technology can create financial opportunities for these companies, so it would be wise for them to change with the times.

In short, trucking companies want sustainable trucks that are better for the environment and vehicle manufacturers want to give the trucking companies what they want. From a financial perspective, it’s a win-win for everyone. From an environmental perspective, it could be a win-win for the planet and those who inhabit it. There is a future for truckers and manufacturers of electric semis.

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