What Are The Beat Seat Options For My Semi Truck?

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When you spend up to 11 hours a day in the driver’s seat of a semi, your seats matter. The trick to success in over the road truck driving is to achieve the best possible comfort level for your cab. When you are comfortable, you can drive more safely and hit your mileage goals more easily each day.

If you are considering upgrades to your semi, seats should be top on your list of priorities. This quick guide will provide you with information on the best high-quality seat for semi’s.

Knoedler Fleethawk Truck Seat

Knoedler is known for their diverse line of truck seats for over the road drivers. They make a lot of seat options in a large price range. This is great because it means you should be able to find the perfect seat for your needs and budget.

Knoedler makes both on-highway and luxury highway seats. The Fleethawk option is designed to give you the comfort of an at-home armchair. Ergonomic contouring ensures that your posture while driving is kept in a safe position. Over the road truck drivers often suffer from back injuries simply because they do not have seats that help keep their posture correct. The Fleethawk can help to minimize back and neck pain caused by long hours behind the wheel.

This seat also comes with a variety of height positions, so you can drive comfortably no matter your height.

Bostrom Pro Ride Truck Seat

Bostrom has a truck seat for every driver in every budget. The Pro Ride Truck Seat features a design to minimize back pain while maintaining a good, safe driving posture. Shock absorbers help to increase equilibrium while driving over rough roads. This has been proven to reduce fatigue in truck drivers.

National Premium Truck Seat

The National Premium Truck Seat provides you with many great features to make over the road, long distance trucking more comfortable.

Air suspension seating helps to stabilize the seat over rough roads or in bad weather conditions. Contoured top cushions also help to maintain an ergonomic posture. It has been proven that maintaining an ergonomic posture while driving can reduce the instances of back pain and back injuries.

What makes this seat truly special, though, is the innovative BackCycler system. The BackCylcer is a built in massage system located on the upper portion of the seat. The system will cycle through inflation and deflation to ensure that your back is stimulated during long hours on the road. This can greatly decrease back pain, back injuries, stiffness, and even skin problems. This technology makes it one of the best seat’s for driving over the road.

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