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What Is New in Brake Technology for Semi Trucks?

October 25, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

Vehicle technology is changing and this includes the commercial vehicle industry. As more and more hybrid and electric trucks make their way onto the market, it is imperative that other forms of transportation technology keep up. This includes commercial vehicle braking systems. Without continuing innovations in braking technology, dealers and aftermarket services could be inundated with unfamiliar systems and technology while being expected to maintain these systems. One of the innovations that seeks to ease and simplify these changes is regenerative braking. This quick guide will give you more information on this innovative brake technology. What Is Regenerative Braking? This type of... View Article

Semi Truck Brake Maintenance: When You Should Have Them Checked?

May 23, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

Vehicle brakes are a crucial component of every automobile. However, unlike passenger vehicles, truck brakes are in charge of slowing down the automobile and the goods the truck is transporting. So semi-truck brakes must be in top shape.  What do you include in brake maintenance? The following are important brake maintenance tips: Regular replacement of brake parts: Replacement of brake parts regularly assists you in ensuring the system functions appropriately. Brakes have an in-built indicator that notifies you of the time to replace the pads.  Lubrication of the slack adjusters: The adjusters (automatic or manual) are responsible for maintaining the brake’s alignment when... View Article

Common Issues with Hydraulic Brakes

April 9, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

The brakes on your vehicle are one of its most important systems, when you consider how crucial it is for you to reliably bring your vehicle to a quick, safe stop. If you’re having problems with your hydraulic brakes, it’s important for you to figure out the source of the issue with your hydraulic brakes in Flagstaff, AZ and make the necessary repairs before you take your vehicle back out on the road for extended periods of time. Vehicle braking systems use hydraulic force for transferring motion. Brake fluid cannot be compressed, so when pressure is applied to a piston... View Article