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How Often Should You Get a Semi Trailer Oil Change in Flagstaff, AZ?

March 15, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Whether you drive a semi truck yourself or own a fleet of heavy-duty work trucks, it’s necessary to educated yourself about the importance of tractor trailer servicing. One such service is motor oil changes. Unlike most vehicles used for daily driving, semi trucks take diesel fuel. The engines in these types of trucks are massive. They work hard to power tractor trailer cabs and trailers (and sometimes even multiple trailers) down the road, so they need to be maintained to ensure reliability. How often you should change the motor oil in your diesel tractor trailer varies. While one semi truck... View Article

Can Tractor Trailer Brakes Catch Fire?

August 29, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

Tractor trailer brake smoking and overheating happens for many different reasons, such as damage somewhere in the truck’s braking system, a damaged brake part or hitting an object in the road. Regular maintenance can help prevent problems and keep you safe on the road, while ignoring regular tractor trailer servicing in Flagstaff, AZ can pose a danger to you and other drivers around you—especially if your truck catches fire. If you feel there is something wrong with your truck or you see sparks or smoke, pull over, turn off the vehicle and perform an inspection. Call for commercial roadside assistance... View Article