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What You Need to Know About Non-Divisible Loads

February 19, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Logistics companies all need to be aware of the Divisible Load Law. The intention of this law is to prevent potential overloading of cargo on to a trailer. Under the law, if the cargo or components that are to be shipped are able to be separated into multiple units of legal dimensions without affecting the load’s physical integrity, they must be divided in circumstances in which they do not fall within the state’s legal dimensions. What is a non-divisible load in Flagstaff, AZ? For the purposes of this law, a non-divisible load is a single item or piece that cannot... View Article

Tips for Driving Uphill in Your Truck

January 10, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Driving in uneven terrain poses different challenges than, say, a long haul across the plains of Kansas. Uphill driving for trucks in Flagstaff, AZ requires careful techniques. Use the following tips on how to drive uphill in Flagstaff, AZ to keep your rig safely on the road. Traction loss If you are ascending on a steep grade and start to lose traction, maintain control by taking the following steps: Walk, don’t push: Don’t overheat your engine. Walk the truck up the hill rather than push it. Watch the temperature gauge as you go, and turn the engine fan on to... View Article