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Is There A Future In Electric Semi Trucks?

December 26, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

With the rise in electric vehicles and the push for the automotive industry to grow more sustainably, you might be wondering if a new market for electric trucks and electric semi-truck models might be in order. While there are not any of these models rolling out at this time, sustainable trucks are on the horizon. If you would like to learn more about the possibility of these kinds of trucks, read on for more information. What makes a semi-truck electric? The main difference between an electric semi-truck and a diesel rig is the power source. Electric semi-trucks get their power... View Article

How Many Miles Can I Expect From the Tires on My Semi?

August 29, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

Commercial trucking fleet maintenance is extremely important. If you are wondering how many miles you can expect on your tires from your semi, you need an understanding of their lifespan. Tires are known as one of the most expensive parts of commercial fleet maintenance. Well-maintained tires are important for ensuring your safety while driving. Read on to find out more about the lifespan of semi-truck tires. Semi-Truck Tires Lifespan Semi-truck tires have an average lifespan of three to six years if they are well-maintained. With that being said, you should never leave your semi-truck tires on for more than six... View Article

What Custom Maintenance Programs Are For Truck Fleets?

July 27, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

Fleet maintenance is a part of the trucking industry that people sometimes take for granted. We all expect that our goods will arrive right where we need them and when we need them, but we don’t often stop to think about the work that is required to get them where we need them to go. However, here at Maclin Truck and Trailer, we are all about training people in our fleet maintenance management programs to help them launch into a rewarding and enriching career.  A Rewarding Career Helping Drivers There is no question that those who go through a fleet... View Article

How to Take Care of Your Truck the Right Way

December 24, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Routine truck maintenance is crucial for ensuring a safe trip and for better fleet management if you’re the owner of a trucking company. By staying proactive with your preventative maintenance, you’ll be able to catch potential problems before they develop into something more significant, and thus more expensive to repair. Here are just a few of the main tips for you to keep in mind when you’re considering how to take care of a truck in Flagstaff, AZ: Stay on top of oil changes: Good, clean oil is the lifeblood of any engine. Over time, it is easy for engine... View Article

When Should a Diesel Vehicle Be Serviced?

August 1, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Diesel vehicles are designed for longevity, durability, power and performance, but these vehicles require routine maintenance to keep them working effectively. Without regular service, diesel vehicles will be more susceptible to premature wear, tear and damage. So, when should a diesel vehicle be serviced in Flagstaff, AZ? Keep reading to find out more. How often should a diesel vehicle be worked on in Flagstaff, AZ? There are lots of different maintenance services that are necessary to keep a diesel vehicle running, and these services aren’t all necessary on the same schedule. In general, diesel truck service is required every six... View Article