Mobile Truck Repair in Flagstaff, AZ

Whether you’re driving a fleet truck, a semi truck or some other form of commercial truck, Maclin Truck & Trailer is here to offer you the mobile repair services you need when you encounter trouble out on the road. Our specialty is commercial truck repair in Flagstaff, AZ and our techs are well-trained and experienced in all facets of delivering it. Our mission is to always ensure your safety on the road.

Our mobile truck repair services are available to sidelined drivers within 100 miles of our location in Flagstaff, AZ. Whether it’s a blowout, dead battery or brake issue that’s got you pulled over, trust that our team will be able to assess and resolve the situation on-site. We work quickly to minimize your downtime and ensure every repair we perform is done to the highest standards of excellence.
Roadside repairs

When you call Maclin Truck & Trailer for mobile truck repair, you’re getting the peace of mind that comes with an expert mobile tractor trailer mechanic in Flagstaff, AZ. Our techs come ready to work, equipped with everything needed to solve your issues right on the side of the road! Moreover, we have experienced helping drivers just like yourself, which allows us to work quickly in administering fixes.

We know that your truck puts on hundreds of miles each day and thousands of miles each month. When things start to go wrong or you encounter issues out on the road, know that we’re ready to set them right.

Maclin TruckFast and Efficient Repairs

If you need roadside, mobile repairs quickly, performed by an expert mechanic, waste no time in calling Maclin Truck & Trailer. We’ll come to you quickly and provide the repair services you need to drive safely once again. Just give us a call at 928-600-6025.

Remember, if your issue can’t be fixed roadside, we also offer discounted towing back to our shop for more complex repairs.

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