October 2, 2019

GREAT service and FAST

"We were leaving AZ for Colo after an elk hunt. 35 miles south of Flag and our ATV trailer burned up a hub. Shauna at Maclin was awesome and had us send various photos to her personal phone and she diagnosed the problem (new axle needed) and she had an axle built for us by a vendor, with welded mounts added to fit our trailer within an hour and then loaned us a floor jack and jack stands so we would pick them up with axle, and detailed instructions for a couple non mechanics and do the axle replacement ourselves..saving us hundreds of $$ and avoiding waiting for a service call to come out. Thanks Shauna and team! Really saved our bacon! "
September 18, 2017

"We were on our way from Phoenix to Lake Powell and blew a bearing on our boat trailer. Maclin was able to get us right in, was very friendly, and we were back on the road a hour later. They saved the day and we would highly recommend them. "