Ever Heard of a DPF System? Here’s Why They’re Important

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Over the past several decades, diesel engines have become substantially cleaner than their emissions-spewing forebears. This means that you can rely on your diesel-powered vehicle to provide you with fast and reliable transportation that is as ecologically conscious as driving a car with a conventional gas engine.

These modern, emissions-sparing engines rely on a diesel particulate filter (DPF) system to keep their output cleaner than traditional diesel motors. DPFs are an essential part of the modern diesel engine that keep our air and streets cleaner than ever before. Learning what your vehicle’s DPF is and what it does is an essential part of keeping your engine running safely and smoothly.

If you believe that your DPF is in need of service or repair, you should reach out to a company offering mobile semi truck servicing in Flagstaff, AZ. If your DPF has sustained damage, it may not be safe to continue driving with it until it has been inspected by a qualified service professional. Here are just some questions that you may have if your truck operates with a DPF.

What does my DPF do?

Because diesel engines burn fuel differently from conventional gas motors, they produce an excessive amount of soot during operation. If diesel soot enters the environment, its very fine particulates can pose serious health risks for sensitive air groups, such as children and the elderly, as well as the environment at large.

DPFs remove these particulates from your diesel engine’s exhaust, meaning that it is safer and less toxic.

What kinds of maintenance and repair are necessary for DPF systems?

Many modern diesel vehicles are equipped with an indicator light that tells you when your DPF is in need of cleaning. Once this indicator is illuminated, your vehicle’s instruction booklet should tell you what will be a suitable distance to drive before you need to have it serviced.

It’s important to service your DPF sooner rather than later, because exposure to too much soot can cause it to be damaged beyond a repairable state.

Should I ever have my DPF removed?

The only reason to ever have your DPF system removed is to replace it with a new one. While some less than scrupulous mechanics may offer to modify your vehicle’s performance by removing its DPF, you should be aware of the fact that most diesel engines need their DPF to function properly, and the presence of a DPF has almost no effect whatsoever on your vehicle’s mechanical operations.

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