An Overview of Transloads, Load Recovery and Load Swaps

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When you’re looking for a mobile mechanic in Flagstaff, AZ that you can trust for ongoing service and potential emergency situations, it can be helpful to look for other types of services and benefits they provide as well. Three such examples are transloading, load recovery and load swaps. But what exactly are these three services? Here’s a quick look. Transloading Transloading is the process of transferring a shipment off of one mode of transportation and on to another. The most common scenario in which it is used is if a single mode of transportation cannot be used for the entire... View Article

Tire PSI or Vehicle Manufacturer PSI: What’s the Difference?

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Many motorists, whether they drive a passenger vehicle or large commercial truck, are baffled when it comes to tire pressure. For the everyday driver, refilling the tires usually only happens when they “look low” or a tire pressure light comes on inside the dash. For commercial or semi truck drivers, tire pressure is usually checked much more often to prevent accidents on the road. Regardless of the type of vehicle being driven, though, drivers may experience a conundrum when filling their tires for the first time. You know that you’re supposed to have the tires reach a certain psi (pounds... View Article

Safety Tips Before Going on a Road Trip

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With cooler fall weather gracing the sunny state of Arizona, lots of families are preparing for the upcoming holidays and vacation time. If your family owns an RV, fall is the perfect time to round everyone up and hit the road for a long weekend or winter break trip. Road trips can be fun and exciting, with tons of beautiful sights and places to explore along the way, but there are also many hazards. Many road trip disasters occur because families didn’t take enough time to prepare. Putting extra miles on the RV, traveling to places with few residents and... View Article

Signs Your Mack Truck Engine May Be Failing

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Semi trucks have to carry heavy loads across long distances over and over again, so their engines are designed with strength, durability, longevity and resilience in mind. Unfortunately, all vehicles, even semi trucks, will eventually require some sort of repair. If the engine in your Mack truck begins to show some signs of wear or damage, it’s important to bring it to a mechanic that specializes in semi truck repair in Flagstaff, AZ: Your exhaust is changing colors: Your exhaust can actually tell you a lot about the condition of your engine. If you notice that your exhaust is blue... View Article

AC Tips for Kenworth Trucks

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Even though fall is here, there is still plenty of warm weather in the forecast in Arizona and other states in certain parts of the country. No matter when warm weather strikes, you want to be confident that your truck’s air conditioning system is capable of keeping you cool and comfortable while you’re on the road. Unfortunately, air conditioning systems don’t always perform the way they’re supposed to, and you may start to experience some issues and inefficiencies in your system over time. To keep the air conditioning in your Kenworth truck operating the way it should, follow these simple... View Article