Keep Your Brakes in Good Shape When Driving Your RV on Mountain Roads

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Whether you’ve taken an RV trip before or you’ll soon be taking one for the first time, advance preparation is essential. This preparation should include being well informed about the route you want to take and making sure you have a thorough understanding about how to operate your RV.

This way, if you’ll be driving in conditions that you’re not typically accustomed to, you’ll feel comfortable and safe navigating through this part of your journey. A perfect example of this is driving over steep mountains. If you don’t have regular experience driving on this type of terrain, it may seem intimidating at first. As a mobile mechanic in Flagstaff, AZ, we have some expert tips to lower your stress and prepare you in advance for mountain driving:

  • Inspect your RV before a trip: Make sure you know the condition of the key parts of your vehicle before you set off on your trip. In particular, you want to know ahead of time that your brakes are working well, and you should have any replacements made to your rotors and calipers that may be needed. Making sure that your brakes are performing well will mean smoother driving on mountain roads, along with giving you the peace of mind that your RV is safe and well serviced.
  • Plan your route before you leave: If your map shows that you’ll be driving over mountain roads, take the time to learn more about these roads. How steep is the grade, and how long will you be driving on them? Also, take any anticipated weather conditions into account. Having this type of information in advance will help you to determine how you might organize your trip. If you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time driving on a steep mountain road or are contemplating driving over multiple mountain roads within the same day, you may want to develop a specific plan for how you will handle these occurrences. More specifically, driving your RV for less time that day or splitting up the mountain routes into different days will mean much less wear and tear on your brakes.
  • Don’t ride your brakes excessively: An RV’s brakes can overheat if they are overused. One way to avoid this is to refrain from riding your brakes as you drive on steep mountain roads. A good technique to try is easing up for three seconds for every one second of brake use.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to be prepared, you might find your RV in need of repairs. When you require vehicle repairs, contacting a mobile mechanic in Flagstaff, AZ will help ensure you’re back out on the road again soon.

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