What You Should Know About Semi-Truck Brake Maintenance

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The brakes are an essential component of any vehicle. But unlike passenger cars, semi-truck brakes are responsible for slowing down the vehicle and whatever goods the truck is hauling. So semi-truck brakes always need to be in the best possible shape. That’s where brake maintenance comes into play.

This post from your experts in mobile semi-truck servicing will cover everything a truck driver needs to know about maintaining their brakes.

What’s included in brake maintenance?

Standard brake maintenance is a fairly in-depth job. These are the things that should be performed any time your truck has brake maintenance:

  • Replace brake parts regularly: Replacing brake parts on a regular basis helps ensure the system functions properly. Your brakes have a built-in indicator that’ll let you know when it’s time to replace the pads. When you get new pads, be sure to replace the springs, pins and bushings. You’ll also need to replace the drums when you replace the shoes.
  • Grease the slack adjusters: The slack adjusters—which can be manual or automatic—are responsible for keeping the brakes aligned when they’re engaged. If they’re not well lubricated, they can seize up and cause brake failure. Lithium grease is a great lubricant option for both manual and automatic slack adjusters.
  • Check the air compressor pressure gauge: Your air compressor pressure gauge should read above 60 psi (pounds per square inch) before you start driving and anywhere from 100 to 125 psi while you’re on the road. If the pressure is under 100 psi, stop as soon as you can and have the brakes serviced. If the pressure gauge reads under 60 psi, discontinue use of the truck until the brakes are repaired.
  • Inspect linings and hoses: To ensure the truck stops as quickly as possible, all hoses and linings need to be at least ¼ inch thick. They also need to be free from cracks and free of any lubrication. You’ll probably need to replace these components frequently to keep your system in working order.

Why should a professional always perform brake work?

Experienced drivers might be able to perform some brake maintenance by themselves, but when it comes to brake work, it’s always a better idea to trust pros who specialize in mobile semi-truck servicing. When you take your truck to a professional, you can rest easy knowing that the brake maintenance will be performed correctly and that the brakes will function properly afterward.

How often should brake maintenance be performed?

Your service schedule depends on the type of truck you drive and your style of driving. That said, we recommend getting your brakes inspected each time you get an oil change. This schedule should ensure your brakes are always in tip-top shape.

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