How Often Should You Get a Semi Trailer Oil Change in Flagstaff, AZ?

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Whether you drive a semi truck yourself or own a fleet of heavy-duty work trucks, it’s necessary to educated yourself about the importance of tractor trailer servicing. One such service is motor oil changes. Unlike most vehicles used for daily driving, semi trucks take diesel fuel. The engines in these types of trucks are massive. They work hard to power tractor trailer cabs and trailers (and sometimes even multiple trailers) down the road, so they need to be maintained to ensure reliability.

How often you should change the motor oil in your diesel tractor trailer varies. While one semi truck may reach 50,000 miles before needing a diesel oil change in Flagstaff, AZ, another truck might require fresh motor oil at the 15,000-mile mark. Let’s take a look at the three main factors that have an influence on the variance in engine oil life.

Engine design

The engine itself is a main factor. Engine design characteristics, age and operating conditions all have an effect on oil life. Exposure to contaminants in the oil and other conditions also play a role.

Diesel engine fuel efficiency is the number one reason for the wide variance in oil change service. It determines the life of the engine oil. And playing their part in all this are the engine’s design, age and running conditions. Engine fuel efficiency is improved by combustion efficiency, but contaminants like water, dirt, fuel, soot and nitrogen oxide in the oil can reduce efficiency. To prevent unhealthy conditions for oil flow, be sure to schedule regular checkups and maintenance service, and get the oil changed as recommended by your mechanic.

How the truck is driven

Like small passenger vehicles, how the semi truck is driven factors into how the oil does its job. When you hear a trucker or mechanic talk about driving patterns and conditions, they are referring literally to where and how the truck is driven. The frequency of oil changes is partially determined by the conditions your truck encounters out on the road, including extreme temperature changes, dirt roads and moisture levels. Not only can certain environments change the viscosity of the oil, but harmful chemical reactions, like oxidation with the oil, can shorten oil lifespan.

Motor oil properties

The type of oil you use in your truck has a role in oil change frequency because oil properties vary between oil types. Oil properties relate to the quality and formulation performance of the engine oil. Therefore, the properties in the diesel motor oil you use definitely affect engine oil life. Even the highest quality motor oil can be affected by a range of factors—it can degrade just as fast as a lower quality oil depending on oil cleanliness, age and conditions.

Don’t wait to schedule your next semi trailer oil change in Flagstaff, AZ until something bad happens. The key to a long-lasting heavy-duty truck is driving it responsibly and scheduling regular maintenance. Call Maclin Truck & Trailer today for an appointment—we look forward to serving you!

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